58-year-old Illinois woman, Erin James, was stopped in Riverside, a Chicago suburb in the early hours of Friday morning by a police officer after she was caught speeding.

Once the officer approached Ms. James he suspected she might be under the influence of alcohol, a hunch that was soon proved to be right. It wasn’t until getting Ms. James back to Riverside police station that it became evident that this wasn’t the woman’s first time.

While being processed for her second DUI charge, Ms. James apparently told the police officer that she had been out celebrating the end of her last suspension, which she’d been handed in 2012.

James provided a breath sample, which showed an alcohol content of 0.155, nearly double the legal limit of .08, police said.

“Ms. James purposely drove a car that she did not own to avoid the ignition lock device and was driving back from a Forest Park bar where she was celebrating that fact that she would finally have her driving privileges back after her 2012 conviction for DUI,” Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel said in a statement.

“Ms. James is exactly the type of motorist I want kept off the road permanently under a new habitual DUI law that I will be proposing in the very near future.”

From the look of Ms. James’ mug shot, the officer wouldn’t even have had to breathalyze her. She has the ruddy complexion and varicose veiny nose of a seasoned wino.