The Duke of York is expected to face fresh questions about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein after it was discovered that the convicted paedophile landed his private jet at an RAF fighter base during a visit to Sandringham.

Epstein landed at RAF Marham before visiting the Queen’s Norfolk estate 20 miles away to spend time with the Duke of York, the Telegraph has reported.

The Daily Telegraph obtained flight logs which showed that the jet landed at the RAF fighter base on December 7 2000.

Civil aviation authorities have described the move as “unusual” as Marham is the RAF’s biggest front-line base, but the Ministry of Defence said that civil aircraft were allowed to land there.

Epstein was jailed for 18 months in 2008 after admitting soliciting an under-age girl for prostitution.

Epstein has been accused of abusing a string of young girls and the Duke of York stayed at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, where this alleged abuse occurred.

Epstein was asked by his victims’ lawyers while under oath: “Did you fly with Prince Andrew on your plane, or planes, with any under-aged girls, girls under the age of 18?”

He replied: “I intend to respond to all relevant questions regarding this lawsuit; however, at the present time my attorneys have counselled me I cannot provide answers to any questions relevant to the lawsuit.” He gave an almost identical answer to the question: “Did you provide any under-aged girls for

sex to Prince Andrew?”

Graham Smith, of the campaign group Republic, said the latest news about the Duke’s friendship with Epstein “raise more questions and increase the need for a proper investigation into Andrew’s various relationships”.

He said: “We need to know if there is any official cause for concern. Given the nature of the allegations against him I think it’s fair to ask if the visit to Sandringham, for example, was all above board. There is a legitimate need for some kind of investigation, if only to clear him of any wrongdoing.”