There is something to satisfy every appetite in Johannesburg. The city is home to several major cuisines including North and Southern African, British, Indian and Afrikaans.

South Africans are known for their love of meat so you’ll be able to quell any carnivorous cravings you may have. Come hungry!

If you know a local, invite yourself over for a braai (a barbecue) where you can sample a lamb chop, boerewors (sausage), gnaw on a mielie (corn on the cob) and you may even be served pap en sous which is a type of porridge made from ground maize accompanied by a tomato-based sauce.

If you feel adventurous, try exotic dishes in Soweto. There is skaap (or a smiley) which is a boiled cow, goat or sheep’s head or you can munch on a mopane worm. Wash it down with Zulu sorghum beer or a fermented drink known as mageu.

Sample local
sweet delights such as melktert (a milk based tart) and koeksisters
(doughnut-like braids coated in syrup). Do try a rusk while you’re
visiting and the popular dried meat snack known as biltong.


South Africa is known for its excellent wines from the Cape so enjoy a glass as you watch the crowds go by or as you gaze on yet another beautiful sunset. Local beers aren’t bad either. Castle Lager is a popular local drink.

A refreshing non-alcoholic brew is Rooibos (red bush) tea.


The tap water is safe to drink.