The mystery seller, who goes under the username ‘sugartit_2’, put the mustard yellow Asos dress up for bidding with a photo taken on her smartphone camera.

%TNT Magazine% naked ebay lady 

Unfortunately, her wardrobe mirror revealed that she was wearing nothing but a black bra. The eBay listing was shared on Twitter with the hash tag #ebayyellowskaterdress.

Since the slip-up, sugartit_2 has re-listed the now infamous dress to capitalise on the trend – and bids have reached a staggering £150,000+

%TNT Magazine% asos dress face.

She helpfully describes the dress saying “A MUST HAVE! As seen by thousands. Never worn naked. Needs a good home.”

A nice little earner…was it accidental? Or was this a cheeky way of getting more bids?

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter.