The English Defence League (EDL) has distanced itself completely from any association with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

EDL leader Stephen Lennon described Breivik as a "horrible monster" and said the EDL viewed his actions as "disgusting".

"We are anti-fascists and condemn all violence," he told ITV's Daybreak.

On Breivik's alleged ties to the EDL, Lennon said: "The media are cherry-picking what they want to fit their agenda and demonising our organisation.

"But there is a warning and what happened in Norway is a wake-up call. The fact that so many people are scared – people have to listen to that."

The 28-ear-old said the murders in Oslo showed how desperate some European people were becoming.

"It's a ticking time bomb. If they don't give that frustration and anger a platform as such and a voice – and a way of getting emotion out in a democratic way – it will create monsters like this lunatic."

Lennon said he had contaced EDL regional leaders to ascertain whether the gunman had contact with members of the group but, so far, there was no evidence of this.

"It could turn out that one of our members met with him but at this point we're not turning anything up," he said.