Egypt president Hosni Mubarak will stand down tonight in compliance with protestor’s demands, according to reports.

Today, Egyptian military officials and members of the ruling party say that President Hosni Mubarak will “meet protesters’ demands.” Demonstrations over the last few weeks have been calling for an end to Mubarak’s 30-year reign.

After the country’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said that Mubarak was ready to leave, it began to appear that his resignation would be soon.

The military’s supreme council met today without the presence of commander in chief, Mubarak.

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Afterwards, the military announced its support of the “legitimate demands of the people” on state television. 

A spokesman said it would take measures to safeguard the nation and its people.

As news of Mubarak’s likely standing down broke, Cairo’s Tahrir Square – the focal point of the protests – went into celebratory mode.

The ruling party said it expects Mubarak to address the nation and make an announcement tonight.

Egyptians have been demonstrating for 17 days, calling for the President Mubarak to stand down. Protestors accuse him of corruption and of presiding over a tyrannical regime.

Organisers said that mass protests planned for Friday would have the biggest turnout in Cairo yet.