Four people have died after yesterday’s attack in London. The first to be named is PC Keith Palmer, the unarmed police officer who tried to stop the attacker as he attempted to enter the Houses of Parliament.

PC Palmer was stabbed and could not be saved despite efforts of emergency services and MP, Tobias Ellwood who tried to resuscitate the officer. A second victim has recently been named, Aysha Frade who worked at a college near by. She was struck down by the attacker’s car as he attempted to mow pedestrians down on Westminster Bridge. The third death is the attacker himself who was shot dead by a security detail, the fourth has not yet been named.

29 people were injured with seven remaining in critical condition.

Not much is known about the assailant – police have identified him but are keeping that information from the public and media for the time being. The car used in the attack, was identified as having been hired from Enterprise Car Hire in Birmingham. After investigations through the night, raids were carried out in London and Birmingham and 8 arrests have been made so far. The attacker is known to be British-born and had been investigated by MI5 several years ago for links to extremism however, he is not on the current ‘watch-list’, but authorities do believe that he was ‘inspired by international terrorism’.

The Houses of Parliament are open this morning with MPs and Peers sitting as normal. The Prime Minister Theresa May has addressed the House and echoed the emotions of many Londoners, and indeed many Britons on Social Media – We are not afraid.

A minutes silence was observed this morning at 9.33am and a candlelit vigil is to be held in Trafalgar Square at 6pm this evening.


The fourth victim has been named as American Kurt Cochran.