Slipper is plugging the stoush as “a David and Goliath” battle on the Sunshine Coast electorate.

“I am confident I have support and people have seen through the plot set up against me,” he said.

In dismissing a sexual harassment case brought against Slipper, a federal court judge criticised Brough and James Ashby, the former staffer who brought the complaints against him, for working to undermine slipper.

The court case and graphic details that emerged during it preceded Slipper stepping down as Speaker less than a year into his tenure.

Slipper is still to fight three charges that allege he misused taxi vouchers.

Slipper’s wife Inge has spoken out in defence of her husband and his service to the Fisher electorate.

“I love Peter,” she said. “He’s made some mistakes … He’s actually a really nice, decent guy. Our marriage is real. Through all of this hell, our marriage has been targeted and yet he’s continued to represent the people of Fisher.”

Slipper has been elected to the seat eight times, losing it once in 1987 after his first term before taking it back and keeping it since.

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