Rihanna and Britney Spears may be remixing a double-diva version of “S&M,” according to hints on Twitter.

While nothing has been officially announced, the two pop princesses have taken to dropping shout-out tweets to hype the possible duet.

“I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa *** soon!!!! OH YEAH!!! By popular demand… Its BRITNEY B****!!!!,” tweeted Rihanna.

Spears confirmed Rihanna’s tease-tweet, writing, “@rihanna You’re such a tease! I like it, like it…. -Britney.”

Spears later added, “You think they’re ready Ri Ri?”

The unofficial collabo announcement comes just days after Rihanna took an informal poll on her Twitter asking who fans would like to see her hook-up with for an “S&M” remix. The answer was a resounding “Britney” and it looks like fans may get their wish.

There’s no word on when the remix will drop, but the femme fatales seem to be psyched on the prospect of getting together.

When Rihanna recently praised her senior songstress as a “gangsta” calling her, “one of the biggest worldwide popstars,” Spears was quick to respond, “You ain’t so bad yourself honey.”