The Sex Party – whose policies include the legalisation of cannabis, the expansion of sex education in schools, gay rights and voluntary euthanasia – was deregistered by the Australian Electoral Commission on May 4 for failing to demonstrate that it had the required 500 members.

But proud Sex party followers responded by posing with their membership cards in ‘selfies’ which were then posted on Facebook and Twitter in protest at the electoral watchdog’s decision.

“I know that our members are very passionate about this and I think we’ve actually had people signing up – we have new members today as a result of the AEC decision,” said party leader Fiona Patten, quoted by ABC.

The Sex Party – which says it has 6000 members – was formed in 2009 having emerged from the Eros Association, an adult industry lobby group. Ms Patten, who sits in the Victorian state parliament, is its one elected MP.

The party – which hopes to be re-registered within weeks – is famed for its salacious name and for cheeky slogans such as ‘We’re serious about sex’ and ‘The Australian Sex Party – where you come first’.