Jamiroquai – Rock Dust Light Star

Jay Kay may have been the enfant terrible of the noughties – when he was dating Denise van Outen and allegedly clashing with the odd paparazzo – but that notoriety now seems to belong to another time and place.

So does the neo-funk he peddles with his band, Jamiroquai. It all seemed so fresh and hip back then but a decade-plus later, seventh album Rock Dust Light Star reveals the “prat in the hat” and Co have not evolved much.

The best tunes – All Good In The Hood, Lifeline and Floyd – recreate vintage Jamiroquai with groove-laden 70s-era soul/funk and Stevie Wonder-style, squelching electro. But the momentum is slowed by too many insipid reggae interludes and easy-listening pap.

It’s a fun album but if you want something with actual soul, you’re better off waiting for Amy Winehouse’s new LP.


– Alison Grinter