Mi Jardin es Su Jardin

“Hiking’s a great way to explore the surrounds and soak up the region’s laidback ambiance.

Walking north out of town, just uphill from Café Ruíz, there’s a magnificent garden that surrounds a luxurious private estate.

The residence is off-limits to the public, but you are free to stroll about the gardens unhindered and enjoy a sinful mocha coffee – made from local dark chocolate and Panamanian coffee in this quirky family-run cafe.”

Me Tarzan, you game?

“For those wanting to max out the adrenaline activities in Boquete, I’d rate the Tree Trek over all else for a guaranteed thrill.

Located in a secondary forest about a 30-minute drive out of town, the trek consists of 14 platforms, 13 ziplines, a rappel and a Tarzan-swing.

It’s definitely not for the vertigo prone! But it’s great for action junkies keen to pick up some serious speed on the line.”


Crazy for coffee

“If caffeine’s your thing, visit the Finca Dos Jefes for a really thorough tour around gorgeous farmland alive with the sound of hummigbirds.

Better still, tour guides Rich and Carlos are fun, friendly and full of knowledge.

They also speak great English and will take you through the entire growing, harvesting and roasting process of coffee production, as well as plenty of samples of different roasts as you walk around the finca.

A real eye-opener into how high-quality organic coffee is farmed and a lovely place to learn about one of Boquete’s most important crops.”