We’d like to welcome you, as an exhibitor, to the Sun & Snow Show 2009!  



In its second year, the Sun & Snow Travel Show sets to attract over 4000 visitors flocking to see what travel options are available over the winter period.


Those who have exhibited at our events before, will agree that the TNT Travel Show’s are legendary amongst our readers, many of whom come to book their annual travel on the day.


The show feature’s this year include Travel Talks Programme, Travel Writing & Photography Awards, Show Bar, Travel Auctions and the Winter Travel Lucky Dip.   



In the lead up to the event we shall be in touch with details on the event including deadlines, so please ensure you keep up to speed and spend 5 mins reading through the updates.



Firstly though I’d like to introduce the travel show organisers for those who haven’t met us before.


Camilla Hibbert, our Events & Marketing Coordinator (who will be liaising with you on a frequent basis) and myself, Hazel Willis, the Events Marketing Manager.


Should you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact details below.


Camilla Hibbert

0207 341 6780



Hazel Willis

0207 341 6729 | 0791 259 4415





·         Exhibitor Manual – this will be sent to you beginning of next week – it is really important you go through this in detail!

·         Dedicated Website – due to be launched next week, an email will be sent out with full details

·         Travel Deals & Discount – the sooner you let me know what deals you plan to have at the show, the sooner I can publicise this

·         PR – we’re taking a digital focus this year with the PR, and have some really exciting partnerships lined up online – full details to come

·         Flyers & Posters – as always, we will be printing these for exhibitors to use in mailouts etc

Deadlines – along with the exhibitor manual, Camilla will let you know what we need, and when we need it by – please ensure you help us by sticking to these deadlines (they’re there for a reason!)