Meet Amy Jones, 25 from Brixton. A diamond in the rough with a passion for Politics, The Spice Girls and Bruce Forsyth! Amy is a non-conformist in a controlled world. She says what everyone else thinks but dare not say; CTRL+ALT+DELETE is a unique insight into the life of a young girl growing up in society today, where morals and manners seem like dirty words.

In this brand new show, actor, comedian and writer Emma Packer presents a powerfully moving story about an impoverished girl who overcomes all odds to succeed in a world that wasn’t made for her.

Intelligent, hard hitting and laced with incisive satire, CTRL+ALT+DELETE combines pathos and humour with a captivating performance and a message that demands to be heard. This is Fringe theatre at its best: candid, current and utterly compelling.

When: June 29 at Etcetera Theatre, July 7 at Leicester Square Theatre, July 19 at Leicester Square Theatre, and July 22 at  Etcetera Theatre

Tickets cost £7

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