Let’s outsmart the overspending impulse this year and enjoy the gift shopping on a budget. Let’s make sure we can get everybody something thoughtful and nice without getting caught up in the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Naughty or nice?

It is natural you want to give back to those who give to you. But before you brave any store, make a list of people you really want to give a gift… and check it twice. 

Start with your immediate family and closest friends and build your list from there. Choose wisely and critically consider who should make it to the list. We understand that buying for others is a joy, but it also increases the tendency to overspend.

Set a spending limit

Get real about your financials before you even step out the door. Use the Santa’s list and write down how much you would like to spend on each person on this list. If you are not prepared, you could end up buying too much without even realizing.

Look for the best online deals

Did you know an average holiday shopper spends approximately 3 hours standing in check-out lines during the holiday season? The benefits of online shopping are obvious. Not only you don’t have to go running through stores, pushing innocent shoppers from your path, but you can find better deals online and get most of your gifts in one place. Especially if you’re on a budget, being in a store can be tempting to wander off the plan.

Luckily, the biggest shopping event is fastly approaching, Black Friday will bring endless bargains and it is also a great way how to be ahead of the frenzy.

Thoughtful, unique and simple

If you are in the dark about what to buy them, go simple and classic. There is truly nothing better than fragrance gift sets. Nicely packed perfume sets definitely look like you put some great effort into and it makes the Christmas gift shopping quick and easy as everyone loves a good fragrance. And you can get most of your presents online and in one place while sipping hot cocoa on the cosy couch. 

Have your presents professionally gift-wrapped into beautiful boxes while buying them online and make two hits with one stone.

Ensure you’ll have more holiday cheer and less holiday stress this year. You will thank yourself in January.