Backbenchers and Tory rebels are already threatening to derail the plans for equal marriage rights for gay couples.

A source quoted by The Daily Telegraph said that the newly appointed Archbishop Rt. Rev. Justin Welby “will say that marriage is between a man and a woman, and always has been.”

Other senior religious figures set against plans for gay marriage include the Archbishop of Southwalk, who derided the same-sex marriage bill as “ridiculous”.

The new Archbishop will be sworn into his new role at St Paul’s Cathedral later today.

Some reports have predicted that 180 senior members of the Conservative party intend to abstain or vote against the gay marriage bill.

Human rights campaigner and prominent gay activist Peter Tatchell said “Opposition to equal marriage by some Conservatives is reviving the ‘nasty party’ image and turning off voters,” 

“It undermines David Cameron’s attempt to detoxify the Tory brand and present a more caring, compassionate Conservatism.”

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