What’s so special? The pop-up will be serving ‘Chappuccinos’, ‘Femmercinos’ and ‘Selfees’ with 3D-printed profile pictures of potential matches.

The idea is to allow time-poor coffee-lovers to find a date whilst getting their caffeine fix. The pop-up at Boxpark in Shoreditch will be serving a choice of eight Match members – four male, four female. After choosing a preferred drink, customers will be given a free coffee with the 3D-print of their chosen ‘mate’ printed into the coffee’s foam. Then, whilst drinking said ‘Chappuccino’ or ‘Femmerccino’ they can read the profile on the outside of the specially designed coffee cup – if they like what they see they can follow a link printed on the cup to track down their potential beau. It’s even possible to print your own face on to a ‘Selffee’ coffee and give it to someone you like the look of!

Need to Know

Espresso Yourself

Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January


Boxpark, Shoreditch