London Heathrow is expected to run two-thirds of its scheduled flights as major transport hubs across Europe get back on the move again after the big freeze caused travel chaos across the continent.

“We are now working with airlines to return to a normal schedule as quickly as possible,” Heathrow said in a statement online.

Major European hub Frankfurt airport meanwhile expects only 70 cancellations out of 1300 scheduled flights.

Rail services are also expected to return to normal with Eurostar and the East Coast mainline hoping to run near-normal services.

Despite this good news for travellers hoping to make their destinations in time for Christmas, several airports across the UK are still warning of disruption, including Edinburgh, East Midlands and Gatwick.

At Heathrow delays and cancellations are still likely to occur with travellers being advised to check with airlines before trekking to the airport.

These glimmers of hope follows days of disruption which saw around-the-block queues outside Eurostar’s St Pancras terminal in London and crowded  chaotic scenes  at Heathrow as flights were cancelled.

Snow shuts down Heathrow

Warnings of heavy snow remain in place for the Midlands and eastern England.