Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, UK

Thermae Bath Spa is listed by Expedia as one of the best spas to visit for organic spa treatments. Here you can bathe in the warm natural waters that are rich in minerals and were once frequented by the Romans. There is an indoor pool as well as a beautiful open-air rooftop pool offering breathtaking views of Bath, which can be used both during the day and night. Spa treatments include hot stone therapies, facials and the most popular treatment, Watsu, which takes place in the Roman hot bath and consists of massage, stretching and guiding.

Scarlet Hotel Spa, Newquay, UK

If nature and serenity are your thing, then the Scarlet Hotel Spa simply must be experienced. The spa prides itself on its eco-luxury design, and has incredible views over Mawgan Porth Beach and the Atlantic ocean. The spa offers a range of different facilities, including clifftop hot tubs, outdoor swimming pools and a deep relaxation space.

La Ferme Saint Simeon Hotel Spa, Normandy, France

La Ferme Saint Simeon Hotel Spa is set in a charming rustic 17th century inn that was once the stomping ground of many famous impressionist artists. The spa oozes refinement in every aspect of its interior design, and it places a special emphasis on organic produce that grows in the region, using ingredients such as honey, raspberries and pearls in a range of uplifting and soothing treatments.

Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux, France

If you are a wine lover, then Les Sources de Caudalie is the spa for you. It is the world’s only vinotherapy spa, and offers a multitude of luxurious treatments with a special focus on grapes and wine. The hot spring water from 540 metres beneath the ground goes hand in hand with signature treatments such as the Honey and Wine Wrap and the Crushed Cabernet Scrub.

Son Brull, Mallorca, Spain

The Son Brull spa is located just below the Tramuntana Mountains on the island of Mallorca and is teeming with history, as it was once an 18th century Jesuit monastery. The spa uses natural ingredients found in the vicinity such as orange blossom, lavender, mint and rosemary for organic treatments. It is said that orange blossom is a natural toner of the skin and can soothe and relax nerves.

Relais San Maurizio, Turin, Italy

Relais San Maurizio is an enchanting spa perched over the breathtaking Langhe Hills. It used to be a 17th century Franciscan Monastery and is now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the standout features of the spa is the mystical and ancient salt cave, where you will be able to detoxify and cleanse your skin in hot baths, rich with minerals. The spa uses wild orchid, hazelnut, pumpkin and a range of natural oils to regenerate and revitalise.

Four Seasons Spa, Budapest, Hungary

The Four Seasons Spa is the leading choice for relaxation in Budapest and can be found at the end of the famous Chain Bridge. Hungary is famed for its mineral-rich thermal waters, and you will have this in abundance at the Four Seasons Spa, with countless treatments that benefit the skin and counteract the ageing process. Take advantage of an exercise room, a sauna and a steam room, and Vichy showers are also carried out here.