Ever heard the phrase ‘stranger than fiction’? Well, this next story is basically the definition of that. You quite literally couldn’t make it up.

Former congressman and current New York mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner – who is currently weathering a scandal (for want of a better word) shit-storm over allegations he was sexting with a woman – has received support from an LA based pornographer, Mike Kulich.

Kulich has pledged 15 per cent of the proceeds from his latest film – fittingly titled Don’t Pull Out – to support Weiner in his bid to return to politics.

Weiner was forced to resign from the US congress in 2011 after images he had sent to various women (of his actual weiner) became public knowledge. 

The latest scandal, which broke last week, resolves around the allegations of an unnamed woman who claims that Weiner used Facebook as well as a mobile phone to send her lewd images of himself under the pseudo-sexual nom de guerre, ‘Carlos Danger’.

Carlos Danger? Right… Anyway.

Who cares, you might say? Well, probably Mr Weiner’s wife, for one.

Despite the threat this latest round of inappropriate messaging represents, Weiner has vowed to stay in the mayoral race. In a press conference in New York City, with his wife beside him, Mr Weiner said that, despite admitting that what he had done “was wrong”, New York voters would be able to look past his flaws.

“I have posited this whole campaign on a bet, and that is that, at the end of the day, citizens are more interested in the challenge they face in their lives than in anything that I have done, embarrassing, in my past,” he said, before adding. “It’s not about me.”

It seems porno-money man Mr Kulich is one of the few people who are happy that Mr Weiner is sticking in the race, telling the Huffington Post: “His private life is his own business and it doesn’t impede his ability to do the job.”

Kulich also claimed that his vow to give proceeds from his film to Mr Weiner’s campaign was no publicity stunt, even though he isn’t registered to vote in the state of New York.

Kulich did however admit that his interest in Weiner’s campaign was – somewhat, at least – self serving.

“Sex scandals like Weiner’s make it easier for my business,” Kulich told the Huffington Post. “Everyone wants to think politicians are so clean, but they sext and watch porn just like normal people.

Kulich’s Don’t Pull Out film even features ‘at least’ one scene with former Weiner sext recipient, Ginger Lee.

And, as Mike Kulich points out, if Mr Weiner’s political career fails, he could always look elsewhere for a job.

“He has the perfect name for a porn star.”

Yeah, it’s certainly better than Carlos Danger.

Image: Getty