Celebrating the premiere of the fifth season of the swords and sex show, this short-lived exhibition (it’s heading out on a global tour) is full of all you need to know about your fave show.

You get the opportunity to join a house, there will be an Oculus Rift-powered 4D reality experience, Ascend the Wall, in which you get to climb the winch elevator in Castle Black, as well as loads of artefacts from key moments in the show and the odd sneak peek behind the scenes of the forthcoming tales which premiere on Sky Atlantic this April. 

Tickets are limited to Sky TV customers only though so if you haven’t subscribed to the digital TV folks, you better sign up soon (or find a friend who already has).

When: Feb 15-17 / times vary
Where: The O2, SE10 0DX
Cost: Free (with stipulations)
Tube: North Greenwich
Web: sky.com