But then you rarely work out in a vault under Waterloo Station with UV paint on the walls and your fellow get-fitters glowing like fireflies.

This one-off pop-up rave event is hosted by Fitness Freak, who hold weekly rave classes in Gymbox (glow sticks are supplied plus exercise trampolines are added to the mix). The event is certainly a clever marketing ploy – on my visit, ravers crammed into the vault and I am sure many will start up at the regular classes because this is about as much fun as exercise can possibly get.

With a DJ belting out dance hits from the Nineties, every time I thought I couldn’t jump around anymore, a new lease of energy would hit me as No Limit, I Like To Move It or Jungle Is Massive pumped out of the speakers. You follow the on-stage instructors who take you through a routine, adding a new move each time you repeat it, plus there is a killer toning section – I never want to squat again!

I’m not sure I’ve sweated so much in an exercise class – or possibly my life – and after an hour I certainly felt like I’d worked hard, but partied even harder.

CG 71 Lombard Street, EC3V 9AYN  
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