Since August, when Lewis Hamilton came into his own after chasing Sebastian Vettel for so long in the Championship, the Mercedes team took over and rather blew away in Ferrari for the rest of the season to dominant it.

The final race was no different to previous races, with Mercedes at the front of the race, with Bottas taking pole from his team-mate, which he continued into the race and, although Hamilton brought the time difference down at various points in the race, he couldn’t get close enough to take Bottas on, who stopped for new tyres once, in his win.

With Vettel hoping to win to finish off his season on a high note to take into the new season, all he could get was 3rd on the podium.

With Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes winning the titles, will Ferrari come back stronger next season? It all begins again with the first F1 race of the season taking place in Australia on 26 March, 2018.