Here’s a few of our favourites…

The Back to the Future theme as Rudd takes on the role of prime minister once again.

%TNT Magazine% back to the future australia

%TNT Magazine% back to the future kevin rudd

The brutal Game of Thrones power struggle. Someone had to go.

%TNT Magazine%

%TNT Magazine% games of thrones australia politics

Rudd as The Terminator – he’s back for more…

%TNT Magazine% the ruddinator

The ultimate Harry Potter battle…

%TNT Magazine% australia hogwarts politics

Rudd wrecks it?

%TNT Magazine% wreck it rudd

Have Labor blown it? Abbot skates in for the win.

%TNT Magazine% australian ice skating

And a reference to a particularly amusing viral moment from Highway Patrol

%TNT Magazine% Im just waiting for a mate