As reported in, a disappointed Sydney resident by the name of Paul felt the need to air his grievances by writing a short review on the cafe’s Facebook page.

Giving it only one star (and already having complained twice in person), he wrote: “Dirty. Ants. Burnt food. Extortionate prices.”

However, the short (though not entirely sweet) comment earned him a barrage of insults.

At first, the response he received seemed civil – even measured. “Paul, I’m shocked to hear that you didn’t love the food and enjoy the vibe. I am sorry you were so disappointed,” the cafe owner responded. But it quickly turned ugly, as he unleashed a tirade on the hapless diner. It’s a long read, but worth it – you can trawl through the cyber-scrap here.

After what seems to be the length of a Bible, the cafe owner changes tack, and, unbelievably, invites Paul to give them another chance with this this surprising admission: “I hope you will come in again, soon, and allow me a fair trial as I’m certain this time you will understand why we have been here for seven years as the rest have come and gone,” he wrote.

And then his final blow fell: “Please PM if you are prepared to eat like a man!”

Who knew six words of criticism could cause such uproar? Still, the question remains. Can Paul eat like a man? And will he rise to the challenge?

If you’re out there Paul, get in touch – we’d love to hear your side of the story!

Image credit: Getty