It’s always been said that women are the fairer sex – but according to new research from male grooming range Braun cruZer 6, modern men now pay more attention to their appearance than women do.

According to the report of 2,000 adults ages 18 to 40, modern British men take longer in the shower, 17 minutes on average, compared to just 15 minutes for the average woman.

They also take longer to choose an outfit to wear – 13 minutes on average whereas it only takes women 12 minutes.And once an outfit has been selected, it takes men 24 minutes to get ready for work each morning, while women – who are renowned for taking “hours” to get out of the house – take just two minutes longer. 

The survey also revealed, modern men check out their own reflection more frequently in mirrors and shop windows – on average 5 times a day, compared to just three times for women. 

And now the male skin care routine is more time consuming than women’s according to the stats – 12 minutes for men and just 10 for women. 

Forty two percent of those who took part said they always tried to look their best for a shopping trip, while incredibly almost one in seven said they dressed to impress before taking the dog for a walk

Preparing for a night out takes the typical male 31 minutes while women spend on average 40 minutes and almost half of men (46 per cent) surveyed said they will sport a new facial hair look for Christmas and New Year parties

The vast majority of those surveyed, (87 percent) believe it is just as important for men to look good as it is for women with sixty-eight percent of men saying they shop for new clothes and accessories to maintain a certain level of sartorial elegance. 

And modern blokes are honest and open about their quest to look their best, with around one in four (23 percent) ADMITTING they are more vain than their partner.

Fitness as well as fashion sense has a part to play in modern man’s vanity, with 58 percent of modern men now working out at the gym to look good.

One in three (37 percent) have even texted a friend to ask the traditionally female question “What are you wearing tonight?”

Modern men also give themselves a style overhaul more frequently too – four times a year on average – while women only change their “look” twice. The survey also revealed that 36 per cent men are even planning on spending more time on their grooming routine in 2016 than in 2015.



Groom their beard                40 percent

Men who moisturise             47 percent

Trim their body hair              40 percent

Get a tan / self-tan               14 percent

Pluck eyebrows                   20 percent 

Style their hair                     45 percent 

Use make-up                         5 percent