Cornish police in the town of Falmouth have been busting some Gangnam Style moves in a video that shows the lighter side of policing, ie. bunking off work to have a bit of a dance.

Luckily the quiet Cornwall town isn’t exactly crime central – the uniformed officers were off duty at the time.

The officers can be seen dancing around the picturesque seaside town imitating moves made popular by Korean pop star Psy, whose smash hit music video recently hit a billion views on YouTube.

Cornish police sergeant Gary Watts promised that he would make a Gangnam Style dance video once he hit 5,000 followers on Twitter and he enlisted some coworkers to help him out with the task.

The Westcountry rozzers were joined by anti-social behaviour offices and spent some time prancing around the popular student and surfing town to raise awareness of a charity campaign to raise cash for young lad suffering from neuromuscular disorders.

The campaign has raised over £10,000 so far – Josh Wilson’s family are hoping to raise £25,000 to buy specialist equipment.