Svitlana Tereschenko, 34, deputy manager at New Look in Stratford, died when she was dragged under the wheels of a lorry last November.

She became the second cyclist in three weeks to die at the roundabout, sparking an outcry from other cyclists and prompting Boris Johnson to order a safety redesign.

Cyclist traffic lights will be incorporated into the Bow roundabout as part of the “safe Bow roundabout design” by the Mayor’s office.

But in the inquest into Tereschenko’s death yesterday, it emerged that police decided in February not to take further action against driver Gurpreet Shergill, who was taking a call using a hands-free device and allegedly failed to indicate.

The coroner accepted findings that Tereschenko was in the driver’s blind spot and couldn’t have been seen as they left traffic lights.

Mariia Vorobei, Tereschenko’s mother travelled from Ukraine with her eldest daughter Oksana, 38, to be at the inquest. After the hearing, she said: “My daughter was in love with this country.

“We respect the conditions of this country. But in the Ukraine, a driver would be prosecuted always if there is a victim. We are shocked.”

Cycle safety has gone up on the election agenda this time around, with Green candidate Jenny Jones claiming TfL should face charges of corporate manslaughter after the death of a cyclist in east London.