How about a whole suite then? Including bath, toilet (weird), basin and bidet (weirder).

No, this isn’t a joke and it’s all thanks to who’ve partnered with chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah to create the world’s first bathroom suite constructed entirely of chocolate.

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But they’re not cheap, ranging in price from £7,000 for individual items to £80,000 for the whole thing.

They’re also absolutely loaded with calories, the full suite has a mouth-watering 9.4 million!

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The gimmick is designed to highlight how Brits apparently misspell and search for ‘bathroom sweets’ instead of ‘bathroom suites’ online.

Choccywoccydoodah say that it would only melt if left in direct sunshine, by a radiator, or came into contact with hot liquids, and that it could last for years if you added a layer of varnish to preserve the chocolate.

If you want to buy one,  it’ll take 2-3 months before you get delivery, because they’re made fresh to order.


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