Twenty something researcher Ronnie (Jessica Ellerby) is English, brainy, blonde, beautiful and idealistic, with a private income to boot. Yet for some inexplicable reason she swiftly submits to the persistent chat-up lines of Jay Villiers’ Roger, a 45 year-old white farmer whose attentions she initially repels. No sooner have they fallen into bed together than she’s planning to move in with him and there’s talk of marriage.

But both of them are being somewhat economical with the truth, especially Roger who sees no need to clarify that the baby his house girl, Regina, is expecting is his – not the result of the brutal gang rape by British soldiers which left her HIV-Positive.

The plot twists don’t always convince, but the writing, which raises issues of hypocrisy, prejudice and misguided good intentions, is both lively and sympathetic. The performances are always watchable – with Kehinde Fadipe’s displaced Regina, keeper of secrets and condemned through no fault of her own, speaking to us with dignity from beyond the grave.

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