The Farnborough Air Show has debuted a supersonic, 1,000 mph car, unveiled by the Bloodhound team.

The car is 12.8m, is longer than four Minis parked end to end.

It is the result of three years of aerodynamic study and ten design evolutions to perfect the shape and aerodynamic package. The car was officially revealed to the world at the Farnborough International Air Show yesterday.

As well as having a 1:1 model of the car, the Bloodhound team is also offering people the chance to enjoy the simulated experience of travelling ten miles in 100 seconds.

According to Bloodhound, test drivers at the Farnborough Air Show will “face the ultimate multi-tasking challenge: monitoring and controlling three separate engines whilst keeping the 133,000bhp car on course on the way up to Mach 1.4.

“Virtual land speed racers will have to balance the jet and rocket thrust, accelerating the jet and firing the rocket at precisely the right time to reach maximum speed in just four and a half miles. Drivers will need lightning-fast reflexes to mitigate the effects of cross-winds and surface changes, then juggle air brakes, parachute and wheel brakes to haul the 6000kg car down from fifteen times the national speed limit to standstill, to finish at an exact location in the desert.”

Fancy it?

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