The Easyjet founder’s airline, that will start flying in Africa in November, will have its first operating base in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, writes.

After getting its first Airbus A319 approved in the East African country, Fastjet is looking to create its next base in bordering Kenya.

Ed Winter, the airline’s Chief Executive, told “This [the launch in Tanzania] will be followed by a second base in Nairobi, Kenya, once the A319 is approved there.”

After establishing itself in east, the company said it is set to launch in Ghana’s capital Accra and Angola’s capital Luanda.

“We look forward to bringing a great, reliable and affordable service to the people of East Africa,” Winter said.

Fastjet’s ultimate goal is become Africa’s leading budget airline, carrying 12 million people a year the same way low-cost companies, including Easyjet, do in Europe. The fares will be as cheap as £12 ($20).

Despite being the fastest-growing continent in the world, Africa’s airline capacity can only offer one seat per year per 13,000 people, compared to US with its 2.5 seats per person.

Fastjet writes that for the African market to catch up on Europe’s it would need 1.7 billion more seats. Its hopes to bring 1.100 new aircrafts to the continents should be a good start.

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