Nicholas Saunders may have been thinking it when he sat in the docks of Gloucester Crown Court and was handed a guilty verdict on the charge of having sex with his ex-wife’s bull mastiff dog.

Saunders turned to Sasha the female dog, when Saunders’ advances were rejected by his ex-wife Kelly Thacker, the court heard.

Thacker was sleeping downstairs when she heard Saunders, 46, her ex-husband of 13 years, in her bedroom upstairs “rummaging around”.

She went to investigate but couldn’t quite prepare herself for what she found.

“She saw him, in fact naked, the dog on the far side of the bed facing away from the defendant and that he was clearly trying to put his penis into the dog’s vagina,” said prosecutor Frank Abbott.

He added: “She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.”

Saunders had sought comfort at Thacker’s home after he had a fight with his bi-polar girlfriend. But the sanctuary of his wife’s home was clearly not comfort enough.

An “intimate sample” taken from Saunders’ penis after his arrest showed a 100 per cent match to the DNA of a domestic dog.

Saunders denied the charge, and claimed he was just “climbing over the dog” to get out of bed to use the toilet when Thacker, walked in.

Speaking directly to Saunders, of Lechlade, Gloucestershire, the judge said: “The jury have found you guilty. It is an unusual offence and unusual behaviour.

“I want to know more about you and the offence so I am going to adjourn this matter for pre-sentence reports until the 27th July.”


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