The Olympic medal-winning javelin thrower took it in her stride though. The show’s medic was called in to action and the offending creature was flushed out with a syringe of water, emerging through Fatima’s mouth. Fatima then popped the critter in a bottle to take back to show to her campmates and continued with the challenge.

She had been competing against Pat Sharp, and went on to win the trial resulting in the broadcaster’s exit from the show. 

The pair had faced off in the grizzly challenge which had involved them donning perspex helmets which were then filled with an assortment of creatures such as meal worms, crickets, spiders and snakes, not to mention around 75,000 cockroaches.

“That’s bad ass!,” McFly star and campmate said upon Fatima’s return. “The most rock ‘n’ roll thing you can do with a cockroach – snort it and spit it out!”

Photo credit: ITV / Rex Features