The BBC received 2400 complaints about its programming during the Diamond Jubilee, with a segment in which Cotton discussed a tacky Jubilee sick bag with singer Paloma Faith garnering particular attention.

Cotton wrote on Twitter: “Grown men who slag me off in articles/online are huge bullies. I love my job and wouldnt be doing it if I wasnt any good at it.”

One Twitter user responded: “You were pretty rubbish on the Pageant day, love. And if you can’t see why, then maybe you should find a new career.”

Cotton hit back, posting: “Right this is what im talking about. YOU=bully. Take a look at yourself. I have been working nonstop for 15 years thank you.”

Another tweet from Cotton read: “People who sit lazily and judge others will never grow. They’ll never take a look at themselves or feel content. Shame so many do.”

But this was referred to as a “strange tweet” by another Twitter user, who claimed that “those criticising coverage pay her £200,000 wages”.

Cotton appears to have taken  the lambasting of her presenting skills on Twitter to heart, also posting: “I was bullied at school so there’s no way im having it again as a grown woman.”

Aw, seems it wasn’t a happy Jubilee for everyone, eh?

Image: Getty