When Fearne Cotton stripped to her swimsuit for Comic relief today, the BBC 1’s website crashed as the whole nation logged on for a perv.

Cotton joined Chris Moyles in the studio during his marathon 52-hour radio broadcast for Comic Relief. She promised to strip down to her swimsuit in front of a live webcam for 20 minutes if listeners donated more than £2 million the appeal.

However, the appeal of Fearne Cotton with her kit off (except for said swimsuit) was so great that fans logged on in their thousands, causing the website to crash.

Visitors to BBC 1’s website were not able to see the page and received a message saying the site was “experiencing abnormal traffic”.

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It has to be said that Fearne looked pretty uncomfortable sitting in the studio wearing her swimsuit.

At one point she tried to cover herself up with a piece of paper to stop Chris Moyles staring at her, saying: “Stop looking. What are you looking at?”

Fearne Cotton in her swimsuit with CHris Moyles
Chris Moyles gets a good look at Fearne Cotton in her swimsuit.

BBC 1’s Twitter feed jumped in, reminding all the dirty old men – or ‘fans’ as they liked to call them – that this wasn’t the only way they could perv on Fearne.

 “Ok. Due to high volumes of traffic (we wonder why), the website has crashed. Red Button still running!” they tweeted.

And: “The latest total is an amazing £2,406,648 and @fearnecotton is in the studio in her swimsuit for the next 10 minutes.”

Fearne’s strip, along with Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave’s 52 hour-long record-breaking broadcast raised a staggering £2,406,648 for Comic Relief.

Now go on, have a perv at Fearne Cotton in her swimsuit here: bbc.co.uk