Seventeen-year-old David Dyche, his mother, father and the rest of the crew have not been seen since May 29 when they left the Bay of Islands for Australia on the 21-metre vintage racing schooner Nina.

It was supposed to be the last family voyage before David went to college in the States in July, reports 

The Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) started a communications search on June 14, as well as daily aerial searches since Tuesday, but have found no sign of the vessel.

“We tasked a twin-engine fixed-wing aircraft to search the shoreline and coast starting at Tauroa Point, along Ninety Mile Beach, north of Northland, and out to and around Three Kings Islands, but unfortunately there was no sign of the vessel or crew,” said RCCNZ’s Mission Controller Neville Blakemore.

Blakemore said it held “grave concerns” for the crew but “remain hopeful of a positive outcome”.

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