In his report, Dr. Pearson suggests that Congestion charges will be a thing of the past, as Londoners will travel in self-driving pods – and the city of London will become a traffic free zone.

While the size of the city will more or less stay the same, Dr. Pearson predicts that the construction of tall and eye catching towers·will form London’s skyline. Big Ben will be preserved in its original state, but a new updated version will appear in the Thames by Westminster Bridge.

Dr. Pearson said: “As Big Ben will still be considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks in London, the new, updated version will be made of holographic panels that show the time from any direction.

“The London Eye will also be updated to keep up with new technologies, with the pods being able to detach and take the occupants on short tours around the new Big Ben.”

And what of the Tube? Fear not – Dr. Pearson reckons it’ll still be around for years to come. He’s suggested that the underground system will still work, and there’ll be more people travelling by Tube – however, travel on the surface will be faster and easier to use.

Dr. Pearson has also proposed that the self-driving pods will be able to climb the sides of some tall buildings on magnetic rails – although how this will go down with those afraid of heights is anyone’s guess.

The report was commissioned in conjunction with Cities of Tomorrow, the new game from Sim City. For more information, please click here.