Scientists have produced a film of the female brain when reaching orgasm, the Daily Mail reports. 

The team from Rutgers University, New Jersey, discovered that a woman’s sexual arousal numbs the nervous system so that she hardly feels any pain, and instead is overwhelmed with pleasure.

The brain scan also shows that up to 30 areas in a female’s brain become active at the time of sexual excitement including joy, touch, satisfaction and emotion.

“In women, orgasm produces a very extensive response across the brain and body,” psychology professor Barry Komisaruk, who conducted the research, said.

The eight women who took part in the study, were asked to lie down in an MRI scanner while stimulating themselves under a blanket.

Most of the women reached an orgasm within five minutes, while others took upto 20 minutes. 

The women were asked to raise their hands when they orgasmed, and some women raised their hands several times, often with just a few seconds apart.

‘So the evidence is that women tend to have longer orgasms and can experience several in rapid succession,” Barry Komisaruk explained.

The team of scientists are trying to pinpoint what happens in the female brain when she reaches climax so that they can help those with a low libido.

They also want to compare the results with that of men so that they can see what the similarities and differences are between male and female orgasms.

– Inger Smith