They say it’s back by popular demand after a sold out first show; so if you want a celebration of the weird and wonderful focusing on the dark and the slightly off-centre, this is for you. Darkside Dance Collective are back with of a night of amazing performers exploring the world of fetish and touching on the stranger pleasures.

A dance and performance art show taking on fetish and alternative themes including a variety of established and talented performers from around NSW. Touching on elements of voyeurism, BDSM, D/S relationships, foot fetishism, algolagnia, andromimetophilia, blood fetishism, forniphilia, masochism, twin fetishism, melolagnia, navel fetishism, podophilia, pygophilia, sadism, stigmatophilia, transvestic fetishism and vampirism. Basically it is going to be sexy as all hell and there will be some quirky and hilarious entertainment as well.

Strictly limited tickets available. Don’t miss out.

Including performances by:

Porcelain – (Miss Pinup International 2013 – Burlesque Artist and Gothic/ Alternative Performance Artist – just a friendly little cat! And in her infamous Elizabeth Bathory gore routine featuring her slave boy Danny N)

Dani from Umbra Theatrical Gothic Bellydance – Renoun on the Australian Alternative Theatrical Bellydancing scene come and see what all the fuss is about.

Cherry Buttons – (Dark Ballerina Temptress – those feet – those pointe shoes!)

Bette von Bombe – burlesque with razor blades!

Adam Apples – In his piece ‘Pleasure and Pain’

Doctor Joshua

The Darkside Workshop Dancers – group performances by the Darkside Workshop ladies.

When: Sun 5 Oct 2014, 6:30pm–9:45pm

Where: Imperial Hotel, 35 Erskineville Road , Sydney

Restrictions: R18