Football Federation Australia remains cautious about the prospects of a FIFA inquiry into corruption in the bidding process for the hosting of the 2022 World Cup resulting in a re-run of the controversial vote.

Australia’s A$45m (£29m) bid garnered just one vote when Qatar won the contest to host the world’s biggest single sporting event in December. International media last week reported a FIFA whistle blower alleging two members of the executive committee were paid to vote for the Gulf State.

But Australian sports minister Mark Arbib said there was no guarantee Australia would bid again in the event of a re-run.

And Sydney Morning Herald columnist Michael Cockerill put the saga in perspective for the country, writing: “Lost in the wash of last December’s contentious vote was the fact that the Qataris weren’t alone in giving [bid chairman] Frank Lowy a black eye.

“By the time the poll closed, the Americans had eight times as many votes as Australia. That’s a lot of ground to make up.”