Fiji is an adrenalin junkie’s paradise with a wealth of activities to get your heart racing, from jet boating to whitewater rafting or traveling at a more sedate pace on bamboo rafts, known locally as a ‘bilibili’. Other activities on offer include hiking through rainforests, mountain biking and big game fishing.


With such pristine waters, the diving on Fiji is world class. The islands are famous for being home to the most spectacular soft corals on the planet, with an unmatched diversity of fish and invertebrates. Practically all of Fiji’s 333 islands are surrounded by reefs teeming with sharks, rays and thousands of species of fish.


Regular swells from May to August strike Fiji from depressions off the coast of New Zealand and Australia, creating perfect waves for intrepid surfers who travel from all corners of the globe. The island of Tavarua is home to Cloudbreak, one of the most famous surf spots on the planet, which plays host to surfing’s World Championship Tour every year.


You’ll hear the word ‘bula’ a lot in Fiji. It means many things, from hello or welcome to cheers and good health. Saying the phrase is guaranteed to produce the warmest smiles from the locals, and it’s this warmth and friendliness that the islands are famous for.

Fijians also have a passion for music, dancing and drinking cava, made from the root of the pepper plant — you’ll be sure to be invited to partake in all of these traditions within hours of stepping foot in Fiji.


While there is plenty to do and see, many visitors come to Fiji to simply do nothing. There can be few pleasures short of lounging around on a pristine beach, taking dips in the crystal-clear ocean to cool off, sipping cocktails or reading a good book and unwinding from the hectic pace of everyday life.