Frank Bainimarama, the Prime Minister of Fiji, explained on New Year’s Day that his nation would be getting a new flag.

Pressure for Australia to remove the Union Jack from its flag has been growing for years. Ausflag, a group that campaigns for Australia to change its flag, is outraged that Fiji have got in there first.

“Australians need to wake up,” explained Harold Scruby the executive director of Ausflag.

“We need to stop playing the emperor’s new clothes and pretending this flag is an Australian flag. It is not,” he said to Adelaide Now.

“How embarrassing Fiji has beaten us to it. I think it is disappointing that a country like Fiji has got so much more vision than a country like Australia.”

Meanwhile, Bert Lane from the Australian National Flag Association believes that the present Aussie flag reflects the nation’s history and should remain where it is.

“Ausflag… want to destroy the Australian flag,” said Lane, he explained that the flag was designed by the country’s people in a competition where there were 32,823 entries.