FPS games attract a lot of people all around the globe. They allow players to take a dive into a virtual world and play on behalf of another hero. Moreover, these games bring the ability to shoot from different rifles and complete secret missions from home. Let’s review the best first-person shooters that you should play in 2020, being a student.

Battlefield V

It’s the latest Battlefield game in the series. It allows players to participate in fights on the WW2 frontlines. Playing this game, you’ll be able to fight in different locations. Chapters 1-4 include fights in Europe, Scandinavian forests, Pacific, and Northern Africa.

There are a lot of different weapons and military vehicles. Gamers have the ultimate freedom in moving on frontlines, choosing weapons, and using vehicles. The single-player mode will show you untold war stories with human drama.

Above that, there is a multiplayer mode that brings the ability to play with up to 64 real players online. Feel free to reach www.writingpapersucks.com, the best essay writing platform, to order an assignment online to gather your friends and play a few rounds in Battlefield V after exhausting lectures.

Doom Eternal

It is a long-awaited update of the Doom game. Playing this game, you will need to become humanity’s saver by fighting demons who came from Hell to conquer our world. The game is full of evil creatures who want to kill you.

The only way to survive is to kill them all. Fortunately, you will have an impressive arsenal of the weapon of the future. Also, you will have a shoulder-mounted flamethrower and expandable blade to kill demons and save the world.

The multiplayer mode is also available. It has the form of a two vs. one 5-round battle. Note, the demons in this mode are player-controlled so that battles will be intense.

Far Cry 5

It is a great first-person shooter that will bring you to Hope County, Montana. The Eden’s Gate cult took over this city and started recruiting citizens into their cult despite their will.

You will need to fight the cult. However, the gameplay doesn’t contain cliche missions that require following the instructions. Far Cry 5 opens the entire gaming world and allows you to carve your path.

Above that, you will also need to protect yourself from wild animals who can attack when you reach their territory. The game allows players to use any vehicles like famous American muscle cars, tractors, or planes.

It will require dozens or hundreds of hours to explore the open world in Far Cry 5. Therefore, if you’re a learner with no free time in your schedule, do not hesitate to request some help online. Feel free to explore by EssaysWebsites.com and find a great online paper creation platform.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Don’t have enough time to play a game with a long story? Download the remastered version of the most popular FPS. This game was released a while ago, but still extremely popular. The game is an updated version of the classic one. There are still the same maps, characters, game modes, and weapons. However, the graphics are much better.

Also, a new mode has been added. Along with the bomb and hostages rescue modes, there is the competition mode. It gives a new weapon to a player after each new kill. The last weapon is the knife. That player who makes a kill by using the latest weapon wins a round.

Great customization possibilities will also impress you. CS: GO offers almost limitless capabilities to customize your weapons and makes the game more attractive. Unfortunately, most modified weapons should be bought separately.

Battlefield I

This game is definitely worth your attention. It brings players to the WW1 frontlines. The single-player mode will drive you to play for different persons in different places. You will be able to fight on battlefronts in France, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire.

However, the primary perk of this game is its atmosphere, weapons, and vehicles. You will need to kill enemies by using old-fashioned firearms and drive the first versions of military machines. Download Battlefield I and join the Great War at its dawn, helping the Central Powers to save the world.


Are you tired of cliche first-person shooters? Well, this game will impress you of its uniqueness. There are no health points and aid kits. All players are made of glass so that only one shot is required to kill an enemy or die.

If you’re a student, Superhot is an amazing game to get distracted after classes because it will only drive you to focus on the game. To allocate time and play this game, check out the essay services review to find a reliable homework help platform.

Final Words about First-Person Shooters

Why do most people choose FPS games but not other genres? Well, the question is obvious. First-person shooters help dive into a game and forget about the real world and its routine for a short period. Moreover, FPS games are very dynamic and help get out of any negative emotions.