Clambering to the top of a steep wall gives an amazing sense of accomplishment.

As a result, I was excited to try The Westway Sports Centre’s Bouldercise class (basically, indoor bouldering with a smattering of core work).

When I showed up, I felt pretty smug. I mastered the 10-minute warm-up and I was going to smash those walls on my way up.

What I didn’t anticipate was that bouldering and rock climbing have a key difference: with bouldering, there’s no rope. I gulped as I stared at the many holds I was meant to tackle.

While my eager classmates pulled themselves up over staggering overhangs, I was left clutching the kiddie wall.

After 20 minutes, my arms were shaking like jelly.

As I only just made it to the top of the tiniest wall, I didn’t think I worked that hard, but the next day my screaming muscles disagreed.

According to my instructor, and the other participants in the class, a couple of sessions is all you need to graduate to the big wall (and get completely hooked). Each session costs £13. 

Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm and Saturdays 8.30am-10am.
DC 1 Crowthorne Road, W10 5XL  
Tube | Ladbroke Grove


Photo: Thinkstock