Make no mistake, it’s just as intense (dare we say more so?), but it’s a lot more fun. 

The hour-long session is a mix of drills; some involve mini-games of doubles (you stop after a point is scored and do star-jumps until you’re up again), practice running across the court to reach the ball and rapid-fire serves.

Often, whether the ball is in or out is immaterial, all that matters is you hit it. In this way, some of the stress of the game (which, as a novice, I can feel acutely when playing) is diminished.

While we tallied points during some games, for the most part, the feeling between classmates was one of camaraderie rather than competition. Though the class can help true enthusiasts build their skills, it’s easily accessible for beginners.

At the start we got heart monitors, which calculated how many calories we burned during the session. I was stunned that I burned 600 calories – I’d had so much fun, I hadn’t even noticed.

Costs £8 to £10 per class. DC Various locations.

You can find your nearest session by visiting the website 

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