Regardless of the reason why you’re travelling, the cost associated is always a cause for worry. Put simply, it’s usually expensive to embark on a journey, as you’d have to cater for a temporary life outside of your home.

After all, you’d need a place to stay while away. You’d also need to feed yourself, and you’d mostly have to go to a restaurant since a kitchen might not be readily available. You’d want to visit places at your destination to take home some memories. These things cost money. The more painful thing about travelling is that most people don’t get to make any money while away. Regardless of the situation, it’s never a pretty thing to spend money without making any in return. It simply makes you poorer. 

What if you could make your trips less expensive by making money while travelling? Yeah, we know it sounds pretty cool. That’s why we’ve come up with a number of things you can do to make money while travelling. 

Before we get to the list, for those travelling to another country, it’s worthy to mention that you should make that your visa allows you to work at your destination. Some countries including Canada, Ireland, France, Singapore, etc. offer working holiday visas to foreigners That said, you won’t need a working visa for some opportunities on this list.

Teach English Language

If you’re a native English speaker, travelling to another country where the English language isn’t the first language, you have quite an automatic avenue to make money. No, you don’t have to be a certified English as a second language tutor. Being a native speaker almost immediately makes non-natives believe you’re a perfect English speaker.

For instance, most ESL countries don’t get the pronunciation of English words right. You could go to schools and offer to teach the students to pronounce English words correctly. You could also be a writing tutor, if you’ve got admirable writing prowess.

Online Freelancing

The most beautiful part of freelancing is the flexibly it offers. However, doing it online takes that flexibility to a new level by making it independent of your location. As long as you’d be travelling with your laptop to a location with a decent internet connection, there’s an opportunity to make money.

Things you can do include travel writing based on your experience (you can actually do any type of writing), travel photography, editing for folks in your destination as a native speaker, give insights on international living, graphic design, programming, etc.

Stock Trading

If thoughts of the stock market and the associated financial jargons don’t put you off, you might want to consider trading financial assets while travelling. If you can afford to put a couple of thousands of pounds to use, then day trading is a way to go. However, if a few hundred pounds is all you can afford, binary options trading offers an alternative.

Apart from requiring lesser amount to get started, binary option is less risky relative to day trading, as the way it’s setup means that there’s an automatic cap on the amount you can lose or win. Moreover, there are binary options signals, like Trading Alerts that help improve the chances of making profitable trades. However, either you choose to day trade or trade binary options, you need to take some time out to learn the basics, probably before you even embark on the journey. Financial assets trading is a risky venture.

Lease out Your Car While You’re Away

If you’re like most people, chances are you’d leave your car parked at the airport while you board a plane to your destination. Instead of paying to leave your car idle at the airport, you could actually make money putting it up for rent while you’re away.

A platform like Turo makes this easier. In fact, if you travel most of the time, say about 10 days away every month, and your car is worth about $20,000, you could make over $5000 in a year putting up your car for rent every time you’re away, according to Turo.

Deliver Packages While Driving Down To Your Destination

However, if you’d be driving down to your destination, you can as well make some money being a temporary deliveryman. This is called peer-to-peer delivery service. It makes sense for the sender because it’s a cheaper option. It’ll also make sense for you because you’d have driven past those locations without making any money. So it’s a win-win.

Nimber provides a platform to get started as a peer-to-peer delivery person.