Whatever you do, walk

Even though London has the most famous underground rail system on the planet, real money savers don’t use it. In fact, it’s kind of meant for sweaty, stressed commuters. So when you’re on your downtime, walk.

You will be surprised at ow many attractions are within walking distance of each other. Wherever you’re staying in London, chances are there is a kick-ass bar within a 15 minute walk, or a museum just around the corner. Get off your backside and get exploring.

All of London is a stage

Talking of attractions, one of the best things to do in London is to see a show. The West End is jam-packed with world famous plays and musicals, rivalling even Broadway. Tickets cost a pretty packet, as a rule – but don’t let that stop you. Most people feel that London stage shows are too expensive, but if you head to Leicester Square on a Saturday afternoon and go straight to the box office of the theatre you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed to get a discount. 

By the way, avoid the touts. You can pay up to 10 times the price of a normal ticket

Best dressed for less

One of the most prevalent myths about London is that shopping for clothes is incredibly expensive. Sure, London is a fashionable city, but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to pay through the nose for your clothes.

Head to Camden Market or Portobello Road if you don’t mind buying thrift stuff. Otherwise, try the large and inexpensive chain clothing stores such as H&M and Primark. Don’t be lured into the Topshop on Oxford Street – you will not be able to leave without buying something.

Do lunch on the cheap

If you have a hot lunch date in London but a lukewarm bank balance, don’t despair. Head to the local supermarket and buy a cheap continental lunch. Then, weather permitting, find one of London’s parks. They’re perfect for picnics, and you’re saving money on lunch too. Plus, who can resist some edam on a crusty bap? Winning.

Culture for nothing

Paradoxically, even though London is one of the most expensive places to live on the planet, most of its attractions are free. All the major museums, including the fantastic British Museum, cost nothing to visit. And don’t forget that you can see some of the greatest sights in the city without having to pay. For example, walk along the Southbank at sunset and see Big Ben and Waterloo Bridge, or head to Hampstead Heath to see the city light up beneath you.

About the Author: Daniel Abrahams is a keen personal finance writer, startup mentor at ABC Startups and the Co-Founder of OPP award-winning comparison website, MyTravelMoney. Recently, their new product CurrencyTransfer.com was voted Wired Startup of the Week.