Book a tour specific to an activity – like surfing, 4WD, wine – or just to explore a certain area, and your accommodation, food and equipment is often provided. Even better, many of the companies have flexible deals and allow you to create your own itineraries.

Shop around for the one that suits you and kick back, see Australia and NZ in all their glory, and make new friends.

Here are our top five to try…


5, Autopia

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Autopia is a firm that has proven a big hit with TNT readers over the years, offering a number of smaller, good-value tours that enable you to explore Victoria and places like the Mornington Peninsular and the Yarra Valley. 

They have more than 20 years experience and are a name you can trust, picking you up from more than 30 locations throughout Greater Melbourne and the St Kilda area.


4, Integrity

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If it is Western Australia you want to explore, you’ll need to know one name – Integrity. Established in 1998, their knowledge of WA is incredibly hard to beat.  

Why WA? The state is full of must-see spots and breathtaking scenery, and with Integrity you can experience the best it has to offer – popular spots like Cervantes, Geraldton and Coral Bay – from as little as $245.


3, Kiwi Experience

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Kiwi Experience, New Zealand’s original hop-on hop-off adventure bus, is another big hit with TNT readers.

It allows you to meet fellow adventurers, guarantees the availability of accommodation and allows you to experience the best of what is a breathtakingly beautiful country. 

They offer 25 different experience passes so you can discover pretty much all NZ has to offer in one go.


2, Greyhound Australia

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Less of a tour company and more of a coach network, Greyhound offers an extensive selection of routes as well as many day or short trips to the must-see points across Oz.  

If you want to cover a whole bunch of stuff you’ll need the Kilometre Pass – several different options are available, ranging in price from $199 to $2,819 – and you can hop on and off and travel anywhere at your leisure.


1, Oz Experience

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If you’re in Australia’s eastern half and looking for a hop-on hop-off tour that’ll take you from Sydney as far as Cairns, or Sydney to Alice and vice versa, the odds are that Oz Experience will have popped up somewhere – in conversation, in a blog, in a flyer in a hostel, a Google search or hopefully our magazine. 

Oz Experience combines hop-on hop-off travel with essential tours and experiences, with trips that include the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Uluru, Kangaroo island, the Great Ocean Road, Maggie Island, the Great Barrier Reef and much more. Choose from tours such as Strewth, Beaut and Corker – the price range varies, from $395 to $1,739, as does length. 

It has been doing this for years and enable you to chop and change as you go, so if you pre-booked your accommodation but wish you hadn’t after a couple of days, you can change it and stay a bit longer. This flexibility is pretty essential when exploring Oz because if you want to spend your time on as many beaches as you can, you can; if you want culture, you can have it; if you want adventure, you got it; or if you want to take in as much of Australia as possible, you can do that too. It is entirely up to you – it’s your tour. 

Best of all, you’ll make loads of new mates. Just make sure you wash. Buses are confined spaces you know!


Images: Facebook, supplied, Thinkstock.