What’s your show, Bad Mother, about? Misguided attempts at dealing with my parents’ crap before it becomes my children’s. Nazis, celebrity obsessions, botched waxes and a swearing pregnant woman.

What’s been your best put-down of a heckler? Recently, there was a woman called Dawn wearing a tiny miniskirt who kept shouting, so I said: “Do you realise ‘at the crack of dawn’ is not a dress size?”

What was your strangest gig? In a laundrette in New York. They were trying to be alternative, but everyone had come to do their washing. It’s sure something finding out that spinning socks are more entertaining than you.

What’s the funniest thing you have ever seen? My husband trying to spell out every single word of YMCA in dance, and not just the title. Try it! You might pull, and start a family with a grumpy, loud woman who accidentally makes friends with wee fetishists.

Bad Mother
May 9 | 7pm | £8 | Leicester Square Theatre, WC2H 7BX
Tube | Leicester Square